Simply Erotic Mens Nipple Rings
Simply Erotic Mens Nipple Rings
Simply Erotic Mens Nipple Rings
Simply Erotic Mens Nipple Rings
Simply Erotic Mens Nipple Rings

Do you want your partner to tease your nipple, or do you want to make your nips the center of attraction? Whether you want to be kinky or you like to add bling to your body, these nipple accessories are the ones you should get!

As mentioned earlier, the Simply Erotic Mens rings work in two ways. First, it accessorizes your body. It glams up your nipples, giving all the attention they deserve. Once your partner discovers what's on your raisins, she'll start teasing your chest, and she won't stop until you say so.

Speaking of teasing, the rings let you feel everything your partner does to your nipples—from kissing to sucking. That's because each nipple bar hits thousands of nerve endings as it passes through your nipple. Thus, it enhances your sensitivity, resulting in nipplegasmic bliss!

The jewelry pieces come in a simple design. Each features a nipple barbell with a U-shaped shield attached to it. The nipple bars have a cone bead on each end, sitting on the sides of your nip when worn. Meanwhile, the nipple guard goes around the areola, ensuring that the jewel won't fall off your tit. That way, you won't have to look for it or wonder if your partner swallows it while teasing your chest.

Is it your first time buying a nipple accessory? You might be worried about whether or not this jewelry is ideal for sensitive skin. The jewel is made of stainless steel, so rest assured that it's perfect on your delicate skin. It won't rust fast, so you can still have it on while taking a shower or getting busy. Nonetheless, don't forget to ask for a professional's advice before getting this jewelry, for he knows what's best for your nips.

You already know what these rings can do to your nipples. It's time to enjoy their benefits. Get the Simply Erotic Mens rings now!

Color Silver, Gold, Black, Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.94 inch
Width/Diameter: 0.16 inch
Package Inclusion 2 X rings

Simply Erotic Mens Nipple Rings

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  • $16.99

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