Sweet Caress Multi-Color Nipple Piercing Bars
Sweet Caress Multi-Color Nipple Piercing Bars
Sweet Caress Multi-Color Nipple Piercing Bars
Sweet Caress Multi-Color Nipple Piercing Bars

You are a bit insecure about the size of your bust. It's not as hefty as you like. Yes, you can opt to increase the size of your lemons through surgery, but you are skeptical about going under the knife.

Another way to enhance the breasts is by wearing luscious pieces of jewelry. It's more affordable, and it will not require any major surgery. And when you are looking for the perfect trinkets to decorate your boobs, then the Sweet Caress Multi-Color Nipple Piercing Bars
are ideal right up your alley.

These straight barbells are a suitable design for you to start your piercing journey. Simple yet striking pieces, these adorable nip accessories will make your hooters look more appealing. You will surely look more alluring! These items will fit most areola sizes as they are 18mm long and 1.6mm thick. You will receive nine multi-colored trinkets so you can enjoy various looks to suit your different moods. Are you feeling a bit down? Make sure to boost your energy with yellow or pink barbells. Or, if you prefer a more classic hue, then the black or gray variant is more for you. The swirls or splatters of color will add a touch of playfulness and fun!

If this is your first time to try out nipple piercing, though, better seek professional service. You want to avoid nasty infections when it comes to the areas around the boobs because they are sensitive.

Moreover, healing will take time, so be patient. Avoid tight clothing when your pierced nipples are still healing, and make sure you wash the area with a saline solution.

Once the skin is healed, that's when the real fun begins. No more trying to hide your breasts. Flaunt them with confidence and wear your tight bralettes. These accessories will create a distinctive mark that will catch your lover's eyes. Grab yours now!

Color Multicolor
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Full: 1.10 inches (28mm)
Bar Post: 0.70 inch (18mm)
Gauge: 0.06 inch (1.6mm)
Ball:0.20 (5mm)
Package Inclusion 9 Pieces Straight Barbells

Sweet Caress Multi-Color Nipple Piercing Bars

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