Funky Neon-Colored Nipple Rings
Funky Neon-Colored Nipple Rings

Toned arms and abs, voluptuous ass, long, flawless thighs—you have a body to die for. Every girl wants to have a physique like yours. Likewise, every guy wishes to have a woman who's as hot as you.

But as the adage says, "Nobody's perfect." No matter how stunning your body is, you still have insecurities, and for you, that's your breasts. You wish to have big, rounded boobs because yours are small. Though you can now make your breasts plumper—thanks to medical and technological advancements—you don't want to undergo the knife. It's not that you're afraid of needles, but what you're scared of is the adverse effects of breast enhancements. Still, you wish to have knockers that your partner will adore.

Here's an accessory that can do just that! The Funky Neon-Colored rings will make your tits inviting, even without enhancing their size! Their bright colors are enough to make your titties pop.

Each ring features a circular loop with a matching bead at the center. The circumference of this ring is the part that goes through your nipple. Meanwhile, the matching ball serves as the jewel's decor. It also ensures that it won't get lost no matter what you or your lover's doing with your perky breasts.

Speaking of your partner's dirty deeds to your luscious melons, this kinky jewelry can enhance your play. It arouses your precious babies' senses, making you feel every touch of your or your babe's naughty little fingers. Heck, you can feel his lips sucking your nipple even more! These enhanced sensations will help you reach the elusive erotic bliss.

A set of five pairs of rings in varying colors, this product lets you change the jewel you're wearing. That way, you can put on a boob accessory that matches your lingerie and your mood.

You already know what these Funky Neon-Colored rings can do to your breasts. It's time to enjoy these benefits. Go ahead and add it to your cart before stocks run out!

Color Baby Pink, Rose Red, Lime Green, Black, White
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.314 inch (8mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.047 inch (1.2mm),0.12 inch (3mm)
Gauge: 16 (0.05 inch) (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 5 Pieces rings

Funky Neon-Colored Nipple Rings

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