Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy
Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy
Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy
Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy
Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy

For you, slapping your submissive lover's ass is fun and addicting. It gives you more vigor and makes you feel more powerful. And you know what they say about power, it’s sexy!

While you have your floggers to lash against her butt, they don’t seem to give you the perfect red bum you wish to see on her. If only there’s a tool that can make your partner’s ass as red as a cherry and which can be used with minimal effort to save your energy for more kinky things.

Well, consider yourself lucky! You have just landed on the right product page. Hitting two birds with one stone, brace yourself with the Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy!

It is called the newbie-perfect paddle because of its lightweight and ergonomic handle. It’s designed to accommodate first-time submissives as it bears a plush on the other side. It provides comfort amidst hardcore spanking sessions. You can alternatingly use both sides until you are finally ready to do some more kinky activities.

The whole piece is covered with black PU leather material, and you can choose the color of the plush. Be it red, black, or white—you have the power to choose the tinge that best suits you and your sweetheart's sexuality. PU leather is an animal cruelty-free alternative to genuine leather, so you can rest assured that this paddle is 100% eco-friendly. Aside from that, it is skin-friendly. You don’t have to worry about leaving her bum scathed and bruised.

To maintain the quality of this slapper, make sure not to soak it in water. Just dust it off with a clean cloth, and that’s it!

Forget about your floggers for now. Make way for the paddle when it comes to spanking your partner’s bum. Add this product to your cart today!


Color/Type Paddle: Black
Plush: Red, Black, White
Material PU Leather, Plush
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Newbie-Perfect Paddle Sex Toy

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