Can’t Resist My Nips 14G Nipple Barbells
Can’t Resist My Nips 14G Nipple Barbells
Can’t Resist My Nips 14G Nipple Barbells
Can’t Resist My Nips 14G Nipple Barbells

You got both of your ears pierced so you can wear sparkling earrings. These accessories draw people to look into your face, and true enough, jewels stuck into your earlobes make a lot of difference. You look more beautiful and brighter.

If earrings enhance your looks, then nipple accessories can also make your bosom strikingly irresistible. If you are looking for a starter that will flatter your tits, the Can’t Resist My Nips 14G Nipple Barbells are your best bet.

These bars feature cute decorative ends, which are in the shape of a peach or a monkey head. You can choose from two variants. The first pair features peaches on both ends of the barbell. The second one is decorated with a monkey head on one end and a peach fruit on the opposite side. Cute adornments like these will make your tits more captivating. Rest assured, it’s the right pair because the bar diameter is 14 gauge, which is the recommended size for nipples.

With each barbell featuring a smooth, straight shaft, insertion will be easy and less painful. And because it’s crafted from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, it’s safe for body piercing, even those that involve intimate body parts with delicate tissues. This type of steel is typically used for implants because it’s rust- and corrosion-resistant. Surgical stainless steel is also a good choice because it doesn’t oxidize, which means it doesn’t tarnish or discolor. What’s more, it’s low maintenance since it doesn’t require frequent cleaning.

Your nipples are home to nerve endings that let you enjoy stimulations. Hence, look for a reputable piercer who knows exactly where to stick their needles. When done right, having these barbells decorating your nips will heighten stimulation during playtime.

Adorning your breasts is an expression of owning your body. Make these adorable barbells yours soon when you buy them today!

Color A: Red, White, and Silver
B: White and Silver
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar length: 0.55 inch (14 mm)
Peach: 0.31 inch (8 mm)
Monkey: 0.30 inch (7.5 mm)
Bar Diameter: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm/14 gauge)
Peach: 0.30 inch (7.5 mm)
Monkey: 0.33 inch (8.5 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Nipple Barbells

Can’t Resist My Nips 14G Nipple Barbells

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