Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops
Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops
Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops
Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops
Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops

You’re starting to get bored with your initial jewelry. Maybe you should get another for that fresh new look!

But you’re stuck. The sea of options drowns you with doubt and uncertainty. What if it doesn’t look good when worn? What if I don’t like the way it feels? With more “what ifs” in your mind, you can’t find the perfect piece.

It’s time to pause and take a good look at the Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops. They are trendy, punk, and vintage! Each is a unique curved barbell because it has a skull as its fixed bead on one end, unlike its counterparts. The skull ornament is sculpted to a T.

You can’t deny the fact that these rings are eye-catching. Your nipple pierced with these skull-inspired hoops will genuinely be a show-stopper; they will magnetize whoever lays eyes on your chest. First, they arouse curiosity, and the next thing you know, your partner is sexually turned on. With these inserted through your tits, you won’t have to work extra to tease and seduce as they get half of your work done.

You can only get one with every purchase, but who says you can’t get two? You can’t have one nipple adorned and not the other. Or why not buy more pieces? They are also great for eyebrow, nose, and lip piercings.

The hoops are available in two color options: silver and gold. They are equally stunning, so feel free to take whichever suits you better.

Everybody hates it when their jewelry causes some irritation on their skin. Good thing these pieces are made of premium stainless steel. It’s a hypoallergenic metal and non-porous as well. Stainless Steel is also frequently used in jewelry making because it’s a non-tarnishing material. Despite all these wonderful features, it’s still very affordable.

A piece of nipple bling should be worthy of one’s admiration, but not too expensive, like the Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops. Grab now, or you’ll regret missing it.

Color Silver, Gold
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 pc ring

Stunning Skull Nipple Hoops

  • $6.99
    Unit price per 
  • $13.99

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