Tantalizing Mommy Milker Nipple Jewelry
Tantalizing Mommy Milker Nipple Jewelry
Tantalizing Mommy Milker Nipple Jewelry
Tantalizing Mommy Milker Nipple Jewelry
Tantalizing Mommy Milker Nipple Jewelry

Your spouse is a devoted partner. She takes care of your family, cleans the house, and prepares food. On top of that, she's a work-at-home mom. For this reason, she barely has time for herself.

And so, you want to treat her for what she does to your family. You want to gift her with gift certificates that she can use to buy whatever she likes. But knowing her, she would spend them on stuff you and your kids need.

If that's always the case, why not buy her a gift instead? You met your wife with lots of piercings all over her body, so why not give her body jewelry? And if you're looking for such accessories, better get this Tantalizing Mommy Milker jewelry! Giving this to your missis will let her be as badass as she was when she was still a miss.

This pair of decorative nipple bars look luxurious. Its stainless steel barbell has a mirror-polished finish, giving your lover's tits some glow. Meanwhile, the charms screwed at both ends are decorated with crystals, adding a touch of glam to your play sessions. With these on her luscious bosoms, her boobs will pop!

But before you buy these jewels for her, let your better half talk to a professional piercer first. It's been a while since she's worn such body accessories, so her riddled boobs are now more likely closed after giving birth to your kids. With that being said, it's best to seek their advice and let them put the accessories on her breasts. But once her melons heal, she can wear and remove the nipple bars by herself. Just follow the aftercare instructions given by the piercer for fast recovery.

Your partner has spent most of her time taking care of you and your children. It's time to reward her devotion and hard work. So go ahead and get this Tantalizing Mommy Milker jewelry now!

Color Bar: Silver, Gold
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 1.18 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.04 inch
Package Inclusion 2 X Front-Facing Nipple Barbells

Tantalizing Mommy Milker Nipple Jewelry

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