Sound of Tits 14G Nipple Jewelry
Sound of Tits 14G Nipple Jewelry
Sound of Tits 14G Nipple Jewelry
Sound of Tits 14G Nipple Jewelry

What do you usually do when you tease your partner's nipples? Do you knead them like dough, or do you pluck them like a harp? Whatever you do with her sweet nips, one thing's for sure—it will make her moan with pleasure! And when you hear her cries of bliss, it's music to your ears.

But there's another way to make your lover's groans louder. Just give her the Sound of Tits 14G jewelry, and it will make her sing with pure satisfaction!

The product comes in pairs, so both of her tits will be adorned and adored once she takes off her clothes. Each has a straight bar with ball tips, in which one of them is detachable. The rod is the one that hits the nerve endings as its length passes through the nipple. Once it hits the nerve (no pun intended), it improves her arousal, making her feel everything that touches her titties. The more sensations she feels, the louder she moans. Hence, the quicker she achieves a sweet release.

On the other hand, the balls keep the bars in place. This way, the accessories won't slip off her tits whenever you play with her perky twins. Furthermore, they make removing and wearing the jewelry easy. There's no need to use pliers and other tools to put them on or take them off. The threading is enough to remove or wear the bling.

Then, there are the U-shaped shields. Each of these guards has a crystal at the center, making your lover's breasts look more captivating. And like the ball ends, they ensure that the rods stay in place. With the shields on her nips, rest assured that the jewelry won't go missing no matter how hard you massage or flick her juicy raisins.

Make your lover sing with pleasure with the Sound of Tits 14G jewelry. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar - 0.67 inches
Shield - 0.59 inch
Ball – 0.2 inch
Shield - 0.55 inch

Gauge: 0.06 inch
Package Inclusion 2 X Nipple Shields

Sound of Tits 14G Nipple Jewelry

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