Lustrous Seduction Nipple Jewelry Opal
Lustrous Seduction Nipple Jewelry Opal
Lustrous Seduction Nipple Jewelry Opal

Your lady is gorgeous. Her curves are in the right places, and her face could launch a thousand ships. She’s also a champ in bed as she indulges you with whatever you want.

Your woman is a gem as her nakedness is blinding! Yet it feels like everything looks familiar. And the not-so-good thing about being commonplace is that it bores you. Give her a special gift that will make her even more special. It’s the Lustrous Seduction jewelry Opal. The product is a pair of nipple piercing bars to highlight her chest raisins. Very much like how it looks in this porn video. (Skip to the 18:25 mark).

These intimate pieces of jewelry feature adornments that simulate opal and diamond gems. Though they are not genuine precious stones, they look just as stunning! These embellishments are on the end of the shaft to secure the barbells in place. And speaking of the barbell shafts, they are smooth and polished for your partner’s comfortable wearing. The length of these poles varies as some nips can be bigger than others.

The decorative ends will magically transform her nipples, making them look more luscious, more appealing, and more erotic! You will never get tired of admiring them. But more than decorations, these intimate pieces will enhance her sensitivity in her nips. With your tongue licking or fingers fidgeting them, your lady’s libido will soar; yours too!

The size of the pole is 14G—the most common and recommended gauge for nipple piercing. Ensure that an expert will do the piercing job to save her nipples from any risk. A professional knows exactly where to puncture, making sure not to damage any nerves. Her nips are her assets.

After getting her tits pierced, resist the temptation of playing with them until they are completely healed. And knowing that the barbells are made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, you know they are safe for body use. This type of metal is non-tarnishing. So, buy a pair now!


Color Silver
Milky White
Material 316L Surgical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
16 mm: 0.63 inch
12 mm: 0.47 inch
14 mm: 0.55 inch
Width/Diameter: Bar: 14G: 1.6 mm
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Nipple Barbells

Lustrous Seduction Nipple Jewelry Opal

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