Stay in Place Nipple Piercing Retainer
Stay in Place Nipple Piercing Retainer

Your titty rings are out of fashion. It's time to change them for a better look! But you're the picky type who can't easily decide what to choose and what not. You take time to weigh things, and it takes weeks before you finalize your choice.

Good thing there's the Stay in Place Nipple Piercing Retainer. You no longer need to cram about buying your desired rings, as these placeholders will keep your piercing open, even for a long time. With these retainers on, you can get to savor choosing your favorite designs for your lovely bosoms.

The beauty of getting this product is it comes in sets. Set A offers six pairs of solid-colored placeholders—blue, white, pink, green, purple, and black. Set B has the same number and color of retainers, but they all come in marbled designs. Each teat bar measures 0.55 of an inch long, with a gauge diameter of 14G or 0.06 of an inch. There's a locking mechanism for each ring, too, in the form of beads. One of these beads detaches by unscrewing it from the maid rod, so taking it on and off is as easy as A-B-C.

If this is your first time trying out breast puncturing and you do not have your chosen ring yet, this is also a good set for you to get, as it gives you many options for the time being. But make sure to hand this out to a licensed piercer to do it for you. This procedure is done only by experts and trained practitioners.

It's safe to be punched through your skin as it's made of acrylic. It's non-toxic and rust-free, so you can rest assured there's no risk of getting infected by foreign objects.

Chill! You don't need to rush things only to settle for something less. Place the Stay in Place Nipple Piercing Retainer to your titties, and take your time in getting the best of best breast accessories out there! Get your preferred set now!

Color Set A: Solid Colors: Blue, White, Pink, Green, Purple, Black
Set B: Marbled: Blue, White, Pink, Green, Purple, Black
Material Acrylic
Dimension Length: Bar: 0.55 inch (14 mm); 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Diameter: Bead: 0.20 inch (5 mm)
Gauge 14G: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Package Inclusion 6 Pairs Piercing Retainer per Set

Stay in Place Nipple Piercing Retainer

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