Ding My Knockers Nipple Ring Sets
Ding My Knockers Nipple Ring Sets
Ding My Knockers Nipple Ring Sets

People say nipplegasm is a real deal and that it is possible to experience torrential pleasure just by playing with the nips. But here you are, you can't feel anything at all. You tried using suckers, but their machines' sound just left you irritated. You never experienced pleasure, not even for a second.

Well, the good news is you are not alone. Many women are not born with sensitive nipples. So just like you, they don't feel elated whenever their sexual partners play with their tits. But if you are so curious about how it really feels like, you can try ways to make your nips extra sensitive. And one of which is getting them pierced.

Decided to go for that YOLO experience? Make sure to mark the day with a unique pair, like the Ding My Knockers ring Sets.

Talking about budget-friendly nipple accessories, you can say that this package inclusion deserves all your hard-earned moolah. It comes in not just four but six pairs you can alternatingly use once your piercings heal. The set is available in semicircles, rounds, and hexagons. Each package may include combinations of black and silver, rose gold and black, and silver and rose gold.

As for the rings' diameter, you can say that they are designed to suit most nipple sizes. A piece has a 0.39-inch measurement, catering to standard nipple diameters.

Not sure if these items are safe? They are all made of 316L stainless steel, and you can never go wrong with this base material. It is a biocompatible component known for its contribution to the safe production of cutlery sets and the durability of surgical tools in hospitals. With this type of stainless steel, it would be far too long before the need to find new pairs.

So what are you still waiting for? Book for a professional piercing artist today! Add this product to your cart now!

Color Black and Silver, Rose Gold and Black, Silver and Rose Gold
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Inner Diameter: 0.39 inch
Ball Stopper: 0.12 inch
Gauge: 0.05 inch
Package Inclusion 6 Pairs of rings

Ding My Knockers Nipple Ring Sets

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