Playful Sins Nipple Rings With Chains
Playful Sins Nipple Rings With Chains
Playful Sins Nipple Rings With Chains
Playful Sins Nipple Rings With Chains

The state of your favorite nipple accessories is not so good anymore. They're starting to smell, and you feel a slow itch every time you wear them on. You know it's time to ditch these aging trinkets and find something new.

Looking for a new replacement, you realize you want something different, yet with the same straight barbell design that you enjoy wearing. It's time for you to try the Playful Sins rings With Chains.

These items are a great merge of the classic design and pretty embellishments to upgrade the whole experience. The barbell is 16mm long with a 1.6 width that fits most nipples. But to be sure, you should measure your own nipple diameter first before purchasing.

This stainless steel pair is robust and safe to use even for extended periods. This material is known for its solid yet shiny outer surface. Also, steel piercings have lower risks of body rejection. Remember that the area on your chest is extra sensitive to irritants. That's why you have to avoid harsh skin reactions that will make your breast look and feel filthy. Choose hypoallergenic materials like this one.

And with this design, there are no dull moments. The draping chain that will decorate your chest will entice any onlookers. Choose among the four fancy pendants available. You have watermelons, cherries, and even adorable daisies to choose from. Get one, maybe grab two! These pairs will make for a perfect gift for your wild friend too!

What's important is that you keep the hygiene on the pierced area in top shape. Make sure to wipe the tits with your preferred disinfectant before and after changing your rings. Through this, you are avoiding long-term problems like infection or scarring.

Throw your old, rusty accessories! You know it's unsafe to wear rusty rings. Make way for a new and bolder trinket. Add these items to your purchase now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.630 inch (16mm)
0.062 inch (1.6mm)
Gauge: 14
Package Inclusion 1 Piece Nipple Chain

Playful Sins Nipple Rings With Chains

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