Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings
Spiky Mens Nipple Rings

Decades ago, earrings were worn only by the female population. Men who dared to wear one on their ears raised eyebrows. Until today, not all men put bling on their ears, but those who do feel more liberated.

Tit adornments are also stereotyped as accessories only for females. But these decors are not supposed to be associated only with the female population. Everyone can decide what to do with their body.

Men also wear accessories, so screw with the stereotypes. Go ahead and titivate your tits. Yes, you have nipples screaming for attention, so give them what they deserve. Put on the Spiky Mens rings.

Grab a pair of these cool rings because they will make your chest, hairy or not, super hot. These manly accessories come in two designs. The first variant features a full circle with six spikes. The second is a horseshoe-shaped attachment with five pointy cones adorning it.
These two designs share something in common, a bar with conical ends. These decorative cones secure every part of the jewelry in place. These are more than impressive to adorn your chest. Hence, you can wear the barbells without the rings on some days for a fresh look.

The pair is made of surgical stainless steel. It’s a high-grade metal that is commonly used in manufacturing affordable jewelry. It’s durable as it’s rust-proof and non-tarnishing. Best of all, it’s hypoallergenic and non-porous.

It’s best to start looking for an expert piercer to get the job done. You don’t want to lose your sensitivity in those spots, do you? A professional knows where to stick his needles; hence, your nips are in good hands.

Show off your chest loud and proud when you’re at a pool or beach party. Women will go gaga over your sexy body! Buy a pair now!

Color Silver
Material Surgical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Pin Length: A- 0.63 inch (16 mm)
B- 0.51 inch (13 mm)
Shield Diameter: 0.55 inch (14 mm)
Pin Diameter: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm/12G)
Shield Diameter: 0.39 inch (10 mm)
Pin Diameter: 0.04 inch (1 mm/18G)
Package Inclusion 2 pcs jewelry

Spiky Mens Nipple Rings

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