Look Into My Heart Nipple Shields

You are the epitome of a sex goddess—you have plump, round breasts, a curvy waistline, and voluptuous ass cheeks. You have lots of suitors because of these attributes. Unfortunately, they ask you out on a date only because they want to hit a home run with you, never because they like you for who you are. After getting what they want from you, they leave you and break your heart into pieces.

And you're tired of that. You want to find someone who will adore you not because you have a desirable body but because you have a pleasing personality. And if you ever see someone, you'll open your heart to that person and maybe, surprise him with two little gifts like these Look Into My Heart Nipple Shields. He'll be in awe once he sees these trinkets around your titties.

A set of two lovebud rings, each jewel features a scrollwork heart shield that goes around your nips when worn. They're adorned with pink rhinestones, making your tits look luscious. But unlike other bosom piercings, this pair doesn't have a bar that sticks through your raisins. Hence, you don't need a professional's help or the whole piercing kit to put these on your breasts. Just squeeze in your nipple between the open heart shield, and it will stay in place! With this bling, you'll have the look of pierced bumper lights without actually puncturing them.

These magnetic trinkets are made of stainless steel, besides the rhinestones. These materials are used in making jewelry, for they give an heirloom-quality look to any accessory. They're also gentle on the skin, for they're non-toxic, rust-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Indeed, this regal-looking jewelry is perfect for those with delicate skin and severe metal allergies.

Show your man that he's the lucky one by wearing these Look Into My Heart Nipple Shields on your tits. Add them to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 1.34 inches
Width: 1.22 inches
Diameter: 0.53 inch
Package Inclusion 2 X Nipple Shields

Look Into My Heart Nipple Shields

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