Hoop Hoop Hooray Opal Nipple Rings
He's been down lately. Perhaps it's his work that drives him crazy, that whenever he goes home, he doesn't even have the time to you and your seduction. As his partner, cheer him up. Surprise him with a show to make him happy.

But don't make just any show. Give your darling a jaw-dropping, penis-erecting performance. If it's a wild exhibition, that's all he needs to get back to his feet, execute a lap dance with nothing but the Hoop Hoop Hooray Opal Nipple Rings on. Get his full attention on your titties as you let these rings dangle straight to his eyes!

This jewel is a hoop accessory for your nipples. It's close to impossible that he won't get to notice your newly-dressed breasts with this embellishments' luster and radiance. That is because it's made of premium and highly-polished Eli Titanium. Three-fourths of it is covered with opal-inspired acrylic, making it look regal and expensive. Don't worry about it straining your nipples. Each ring has a diameter of 0.31 of an inch, with a gauge size of 16G or 0.05-inch (1.2 mm), so rest assured you can move your breasts with ease—anytime you want.

Is this your first time getting a piercing? Don't be afraid! It will sting a little on your first puncture, but everything will be painless after. Make sure to leave this procedure to a licensed professional. Spearing a part of your body is done only by professionals. And once you have it, allow some time for your headlights to heal. A few weeks may be needed for a complete recuperation of your mammary glands.

Your man's sorrowful and stressed face will glow up and cheer once he sees your bumper adorned with the Hoop Hoop Hooray Opal Nipple Rings. So, hurry up and see that smile again by getting this item now! Add to cart two of these for your left and right titties!
Color Silver + Blue
Material Titanium (G23 Eli) + Acrylic Opal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: 0.05 x 0.31 inch (1.2 x 8 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Piece Nipple Ring

Hoop Hoop Hooray Opal Nipple Rings

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