Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace
Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace
Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace
Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace
Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace

Imagine your Slave tied, all limbs spread wide open as if offering his body to you. Sure, it’s appealing, but it has been your usual setup—so you’re looking for something new. You do not like to change the way things are; you just want some addition. Consider your problem solved with the Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace! You’d be surprised how this accessory can fuel up your sexual drive and make it more intense.

This bondage necklace has thick metal cable-type chains that will look prominent on your Sub’s neck, that you can instantly see it from afar. It has a shiny silver color that provides a striking contrast against your partner’s complexion, challenging you to whip his body harder. Thicker links mean rounder circumference, thus, sturdier quality. You can tug and pull it to choke him during your plays without worrying that it might snap. Lastly, this accessory comes with a padlock that serves as a pendant and the piece that joins the chains, so it stays securely on his neck.

You can choose the color of the lock according to your favorite hue or your mood for that specific day. It comes in five varieties: Sissy Pink, Baby Blue, Soft Orange, Plain Transparent, and Light Green. Furthermore, the colors of these padlocks are low in opacity, so you can see their inner mechanism and how they seal and unlock when you use their appropriate key.

Make sure you pick the right size for your Slave because this necklace is available in four sizes. Take your Sub’s measurements and select from Small, Medium, Large, and XL sizes accordingly.

The Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace is a piece of badass jewelry you didn’t know you needed. You may have realized this a little bit late, though, as more Masters are hoarding them for their Slaves. Hurry and buy it today before stocks run out

Color Chain: Silver
Pendant: Pink, Orange, Blue, Clear, Green
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
S- 11.02-12.60 inches (28-32 cm),
M- 11.99-14.17 inches (33-36 cm),
L- 14.57-15.75 inches (37-40 cm),
XL 16.14-19.69 inches (41-50 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Colorful Padlock Chain BDSM Necklace

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