Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry
Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry
Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry
Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry
Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry

There are a ton of reasons why a person wears jewelry. Some love the aesthetic aspect when they wear accessories. Others like showcasing their social status with their huge gems collection. To some, a piece of jewelry is memorabilia to remind them that they belong to someone.

The different views on wearing accessories have evolved, but one thing will never change, wearing adornments is both for fun and a personal preference. That is why when you want to give your partner a stunning piece of jewelry without breaking the bank, the Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry is a great option!

Decorated in gold with silver details, these items are unforgettable pieces that are great for casual or formal wear. The padlock design is a famous charm that symbolizes security, belonging, and loyalty. For kinky practitioners, it could mean a sense of bond connecting Master to Slave.

This product offers three accessories which can be bought separately. The first is a pair of earrings that is fashioned like a lock. These unique dangling earrings have a clip latch design that is easy to put on and will match anything you pair it with. Next, the second one is an eye-catching bracelet with prominent chains and a padlock charm at the center. It has huge links of silver and gold that make this piece truly one of a kind. And lastly, this model offers a necklace with a 22.83 inches long chain. The pendant on this jewelry also has the signature lock but with a side strand carrying the key.

With anything precious, they need attention to maintain their luster. Cleaning these pieces with a dry, clean cloth is necessary to remove any dust or unnecessary particles. Store in your jewelry box to avoid extreme heat and moisture.

A special set like this is hard to find. It's both a refined ornament with deep significance to show how you feel for your partner. Make your move now and add this to your purchase today!

Color Gold with Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Chain: 22.83 inches (58cm)
Chain with key: 1.57 inches (4cm)
Pendant: 0.87 inch (2.2cm)
Width/Diameter: Pendant: 0.78 inch (2cm)

Chic Metal Padlock Jewelry

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