Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips
Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips
Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips
Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips
Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips
Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips

Running out of creative ideas to spice up your bondage routine? You’ve tried tying your Sub in all possible ways you can think of, but something still feels lacking. Looking at her naked body, you realize what’s missing—a pair of clamps! Say no more; the Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips are here to make everything exciting.

These tweezer-like clamps will put you and your Sub on a sensual rollercoaster ride with its straightforward but effective design. Surely, you do not need elaborate sex tools to get the most joyous satisfaction, and these naughty clamps are proof.

This product uses high-quality metal with neatly polished edges, ensuring a rough but safe and hassle-free ride. The clamps are connected by a thick metal chain, which adds weight and helps create a tugging sensation.

They may not look intimidating, but do not be fooled because this kinky device means business. Move the tiny ring on the arms of the clamps to adjust their tension and make your Sub moan in erotic agony. The tip of the clips has a soft rubber coating to prevent cuts and wounds on your Sub’s delicate teats. You can also link other weight attachments to the whole device to take your bondage session a notch higher.

Be reminded, however, that no matter how enjoyable using these clamps can be, you must not clip them on your partner’s breasts for more than 30 minutes. Once you remove this tool and the restricted blood flow starts rushing to the center of your lover’s bosom, then it’s time to lick your Sub’s nipples like there’s no tomorrow! Put them back on again and repeat this routine as you wish—your partner will surely go wild.

Don’t go around looking for the perfect clamps. Your search ends here. Get the Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips before stocks run out!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Clamps - 2.87 inches (73 mm)
Chain - 14.17 inches (360 mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.67 inch (17 mm)
Weight: N/A

Perfect Pleasure Nipple Clips

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