Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry
Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry
Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry
Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry
Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry

It's been weeks since he touched your breasts. Although he is in the mood, he never really has the energy to please you the way you want to. You are craving to be touched on your nipples, but you can't seem to guide his hands to where you want them to be!

You don't have to do all the work. Let the Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry entice your lover into slipping his tongue on your luscious tits. And why not? These stunning trinkets will sparkle when light hits the crystal stones. You see, the rings of the flower-inspired shields are lined with dazzling stones that will mesmerize your lover to a good time. The base material is stainless steel, a reliable metal that is body-safe. Steel has a smooth surface that will glide seamlessly to the pierced area.

The pair will look stunning when worn alone or paired with other ornaments. To wear them, make sure you clean the surface before unhinging the barbell. Slip the bars into the pierced breasts and through the loops of the shields before locking them in place.

Explore different colors with these nipple piercings. You have a pretty clear variant, a dainty blue and a cute pink.

Once you have these on, make sure you wear the right clothes for him to see your new pieces. Tight and revealing tops, lingerie, or dresses create a seductive silhouette, letting him know you are on a mission to get him. In bed, experience heightened sensations in your nipples when you wear this pair of adornments. Also, when he sees your sparkling boobs, he will not be able to resist your sexual advances. He will not resist touching your nipples!

Lure your lover into doing the things you want to do. There is no better way than to explore with this lovely pair. Add these lovelies to your purchase today!

Color Clear, Blue, Pink
Material Stainless Steel
Synthetic Crystal
Dimension Length:
Bar Full Length: 0.87 inch (22mm)
Bar Wearable Length: 0.47 inch (12mm)
Rod Diameter: 0.06 inch (1.6mm)
Shield: 0.87 inch (22mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Nipple Shields

Pierced Petals Nipple Shield Jewelry

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