Seductive Charms Pink Nipple Rings
Seductive Charms Pink Nipple Rings

He is not always in the mood. Work has been so hectic. When he comes home, he never really has time to pleasure you. And when he does have the energy to for a sexy time, it's short, and he does not even bother to touch your hoo-has.

You are desperate for some attention, and your nipples are hungry for some lovin' too. Take matters into your own hands and let the Seductive Charms Pink rings save you from this dry spell!

He will never miss out on this attractive piercing! Avoid harsh skin reactions or body rejections by choosing a safe and good-quality material. These pieces of jewelry are body-safe with their stainless steel material. Highly coveted for their smooth surface, you can enjoy long periods of wear without any harsh skin reactions.

Moreover, the shield design gives your nipples a big lift as the heart-shaped rings will enclose them with attractive crystals. As a result, your tits will be more receptive to all touches rendered to them. For a lover with so little time to spare, even a little lick or touch will make you wet.

And how can he say no to these charming accessories? They will sparkle as light hits them in all the right places. He won't miss noticing this pair of body ornaments even when you wear them underneath your clothes. The ring will protrude, making your perky teats tease him even before the deed.

If this is your first time trying out nipple piercings, go to a professional piercer. Safety should be your priority as the chest area is sensitive to scarring. Also, proper hygiene, like applying water and salt solution, will help the healing process.

It's now or never. You need some boob action ASAP. Get these lovely nipple accessories today!

Color Silver with Pink Crystals
Material Stainless Steel
Synthetic Rhinestones
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 X rings

Seductive Charms Pink Nipple Rings

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