Pink Pony Play Delrin Cane
Pink Pony Play Delrin Cane
Pink Pony Play Delrin Cane

You and your partner may appear to be these goody-two-shoes, innocent, and sweet couple all the time. But what your friends do not know is how wild you can get between the sheets. It’s a secret, and it’s a dirty one!

Among all the bondage activities, your favorite is impact play. You love whipping your lover’s ass until her butt cheeks turn red. The slapping sound drives you wild, and the startled moans of your partner as you smack her bottom turns you on so big. However, you are not a fan of using your bare hands when doing the deed. You do not like the sensation it gives to your palm.

Worry not as paddles and whips are made for this situation. But if you’ve had your fair share of those two, then using a cane is a good idea, too! You can start with the Pink Pony Play Delrin Cane and build your collection after.

This bendy discipline stick is made of PU leather, a material famous for being one of the best alternatives for genuine ones. It measures 22.05 inches, the perfect length to produce your desired impact while exerting as minimum force as possible. Its handle is a hoop strap to wrap your hands around for a better grip. Its edges are sewn seamlessly, too, with pink threads for maximum durability. Its stick is covered with interwoven synthetic leather. It is not just visually appealing; it is also an effective sensual torment tool for your lover. The end of the cane features several strips of PU, simulating the tingle that good old floggers deliver.

Your fetish is nobody’s business, so choose your desired toys that will make your private moments confined within the walls of your sex dungeon. We guarantee discreet shipping, so purchase the Pink Pony Play Delrin Cane today!

Color/Type Pink
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 22.05 inches (56 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Pink Pony Play Delrin Cane

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