Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain
Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain
Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain
Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain

You know what makes you cum. It is the rough bang in your pussy together with your man's tight pinches to your nipples. Getting the combo of these two strokes in your play makes you jizz three times consecutively. But now your man is gone, and it's just you who can help yourself achieve a splendid orgasm. How will you do it now?

You may have a vast collection of vibrating dildos to titillate your pussy, but how about your breasts? Say no more as the Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain will emulate just what your man does to your titties! Prepare your nipples for some numbing action as they will get pinched and tortured by the clamps that come with this chain.

This product has two chains connected by two small rings on their ends. These two rings hook to two clamps, which cling to the nipples. The suspending chains have spikes dangling on them, three for the shorter, upper chain, and five on the longer, lower one. The clips—on the other hand—are in the form of alligator clamps with their claws coated with safe-to-use plastic. They have screws on their sides that act as the adjustment mechanism of the tightness to the nipples.

It's easy to install on your breasts and will not take too much of your time at all. Press the handles of the clamps, then pinch your nipples by releasing the grip to the handle. Adjust its grasp to your desired tightness by pivoting the screws, and there you go! Wear it as you play with your favorite vibrating dildo or sex machine, and feel the ecstasy of simultaneous pleasure! If you want to add more to the feeling, bite on the chain and lean your head up to pull the clamps and stretch your nipples. Now that's one hell of a self-pleasure ride!

Being single doesn't mean not getting the fun in sex as you do from having a partner. Thanks to the Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain, you can reach a blissful orgasm by yourself! Get yours now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A.

Pleasure Thorns Nipple Body Chain

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