Sexy MILF Pregnancy Nipple Rings

36-24-36—these were your vital stats when you were young. You were hot, gorgeous, and charming. That's why you had a lot of suitors and admirers. That's also why many people called you "The Sex Goddess."

But when you started building a family and had kids, your sex appeal began to dwindle. Your rounded breasts start sagging, your toned, curvy waistline now has belly fats, and your hips have become vast. But instead of wishing to have your old body back, you're more proud of it. As a matter of fact, you like it more than your old physique. And as one proud plus-size woman, you're looking for ways to make you look more alluring.

No worries! These Sexy MILF Pregnancy rings are enough to make you look hot and desirable like before. And since it's pregnancy jewelry, expecting and breastfeeding moms can still look seductive, regardless of their body figures.

These no-frills yet hypnotic jewels feature a seamless circle with hidden closure. These flawless hoops pass through the nipples until they meet their opposite ends. Once they're on your raisins, they make your papayas more tasteful and luscious.

These tit accessories come in different sizes, allowing you to choose a pair that fits your nipples perfectly. But that's not the only thing that this trinket has to offer. They also ensure that you'll have great experience in wearing them. These are made of BioFlex, a flexible material commonly used in making piercing jewelry. Not only does it provide comfortable wear, but it also ensures that your areola stays smooth and soft.

So who says you need to have an hourglass-shaped body to look sexy? With confidence and these Sexy MILF Pregnancy rings, you can bring back your sexual appeal as if you didn't give birth to your kids!

Color Clear
Material BioFlex
Dimension 0.04 x 0.24 inch (1 x 6 mm)
0.04 x 0.31 inch (1 x 8 mm)
0.04 x 0.39 inch (1 x 10 mm)
0.04 x 0.47 inch (1 x 12 mm)
0.05 x 0.24 inch (1.2 x 6 mm)
0.05 x 0.47 inch (1.2 x 12 mm)
0.05 x 0.39 inch (1.2 x 10 mm)
0.06 x 0.31 inch (1.6 x 8 mm)
0.06 x 0.24 inch (1.6 x 6 mm)
0.06 x 0.39 inch (1.6 x 10 mm)
Gauge: 0.06 inches (14G), 0.05 inch (16G), 0.04 inch (18G)
Package Inclusion 16 pcs rings

Sexy MILF Pregnancy Nipple Rings

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