Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings
Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings
Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings
Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings
Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings

Piercing is a form of art that not all people understand. May it be on the ears, the navel, or even the genitals, it serves aesthetic purposes that only enthusiasts appreciate. Aside from sexual benefits, they also promote body positivity.

Because who wouldn’t want to boast boobies with nipple studs on, especially if you will be wearing the Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings? Wait for your partner’s regular “Oh, my favorite boobies” expression to turn to “Wow, those damn sexy boobies!” They will surely elate his carnal desires to rummage your body just like before.

The red roses that signify deep admiration are what make these rings must-haves. They symbolize passion and romance that will definitely increase your partner's arousal when he sees them. Each piece has a 0.63-inch barbell length, allowing it to fit most nipple diameters. Their pins are 0.06-inch in diameter, which is not too big to put on and not too small, either. They stand in the middle, making them perfect for all enthusiasts.

Made of stainless steel, these sexy adornments are safe for the delicate tissues of your tits. This component is a standard material used in crafting jewelry pieces and even cutlery, proving biocompatible. Aside from that feature, you can also trust that these items stand the test of time, so you won’t exactly need them to be replaced from time to time. They resist corrosion and have a hard surface, so they won’t chip or break easily.

Maintain their quality by washing them with water and mild soap. Keep them dry before putting them away when not in use. You can also put them in a deep sterilization process in which you are to soak them in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Indeed nipple piercing presents a variety of benefits waiting for you. Come on; add this 10-piece set to your cart today!

Color Silver and Red
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Barbell: 0.63 inch
Pin: 0.06 inch
Package Inclusion 10 Pieces rings

Kiss From A Rose Nipple Piercings

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