Delightfully Exotic Rose Nipple Rings

There’s a reason why jewelry exists. It’s created to make us look more attractive and charming. That necklace around your neck adds sparkle to your smile, and the earrings you have give you extra allure.

Are you aware that your intimate parts can also be adorned so you can look more seductive in the eyes of your lover? The Delightfully Exotic Rose rings will get your sexy nights hotter and sweeter than ever. The product includes two teat rings to complete your naked look.

Each piece is composed of a barbell and a decorative attachment. The bar features beads on each end that are both functional and adorning. One is fixed while the other is unscrewable. These two balls will secure the piercing while anchoring the attachment.

And speaking of the attachment, it’s designed with three roses attached next to each other, forming a loop that will wrap your nipples. Vintage and captivating, this charm will surely make your nip enticing.

The jewelry is made of premium stainless steel. It’s a non-tarnishing metal, so its shine and luster will last. And because it’s hypoallergenic, the metal is skin-friendly. You can wear the pieces 24/7.

Now that you have the perfect pair of jewelry for your chest raisins, it’s time to book an appointment with a professional piercer. Puncturing these delicate nipples should be done only by an expert; otherwise, you will lose sensitivity in those parts. Once done with the procedure, ask your piercer to prevent bacterial infection. Instructions on how to prevent this trouble will also be provided.

You can’t just go naked with no surprise, right? It’s best to take off your clothes with beautiful jewelry flattering your nips. The pair of rings will highlight your luscious nipples, so don’t hesitate to have your raisins pierced soon. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: Bar Diameter: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm/14G)
Package Inclusion 2 pcs jewelry

Delightfully Exotic Rose Nipple Rings

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