Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips
Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips
Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips
Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips
Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips

You’re happy and satisfied with how your partner teases your nips. He sees to it that they’re both tended and pampered. But to be honest, your insatiable desire for play is bursting, and you obviously long for more stimulation. On top of that, you crave variety as you are already used to his licking and sucking.

Things are about to get so much better for your nips now that the Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips are here. Each alligator clamp comes with a vibrating egg that’s securely attached. With a pin to twist to tighten or loosen the grip of each clip, the pair is awesome for beginners. This feature will also allow you to choose the intensity of the bite you want to experience. Made to induce more erotic pleasure not pain, the tips are covered with rubber, serving as a cushion for the metal.

Take your boob play to the next level by activating the vibration mode. The cute-looking eggs can stimulate your nipples in 20 different ways. Amazing, huh? Let your lover hold the remote control and surprise you. Playing solo? These clamps will make your me-time more fun! You can even use the clips to clamp your clit and your labia.

These buzzing clamps are discreet. They can’t be heard by anyone who’s 5 meters away, and behind closed doors, no one will ever have a clue about your nipple business. Be sure to equip the remote control with two AAA batteries to make these nip clamps work.

Made for naughty travelers, the set is convenient to carry on holiday trips. All individuals with chest raisins and obsessed with tit stimulation will find the set reliable and easy to use. Just don’t let these pinchers squeeze your nips for more than ten minutes. Once removed, your nipples become the source of the sweetest sensations. Sweet temptation? Buy now!

Color Silver with Black
Material Clip: Metal+Silicone
Remote Control and Vibrating Egg: ABS
Dimension Length:
Clip: 2.36 inches (6 cm)
Vibrating Egg: 2.36 inches (6 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA
Weight: NA

Rumbling Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clips

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