Savage Love Wooden Paddle Spanking Tool
Savage Love Wooden Paddle Spanking Tool
Savage Love Wooden Paddle Spanking Tool
Savage Love Wooden Paddle Spanking Tool

You can’t help it. Your urge is stronger than your will, especially when you get carried away by lust. Who can blame you? Your partner’s butt cheeks are screaming for attention. So you spank them with your hands until they turn rosy.

You love doing the act as much as your submissive partner receiving every slap you give. Sometimes, though, your dominant hand also feels hurt, and you don’t enjoy taking pain, being the sadist in your relationship.

Does that mean you have to give up spanking? It’s your kink, so you can’t let it go just like that. Good thing the Savage Love Wooden Paddle Spanking Tool is here to serve you. No more will you have to use your bare hands and get your palm reddish and calloused!

The flat wooden paddle has a blade broader than its handle. With golden proportions, it is an effective tool for spanking. It also provides an easy grip for comfortable handling. It is lightweight, giving you control over the pressure to be applied. Would you be gentle or strike as hard as you can?

They say one expression of love is by spanking to discipline. Thus, the paddle comes in two variants: one is marked with LOVE, and the other bears three hearts. Express your love and passion with either option.

This savage slapper is made of bamboo; hence, it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. The material is degradable and easy to replenish. Keep the slapper dry and clean at all times so it won’t gather dust and molds. It’s okay to wash it from time to time to get rid of germs and the smell of sweat.

Though this paddle looks intimidating, it’s far more gentle than a single-tailed whip because it lands on a broader area of the body, where more muscles and fat can absorb the shock. But make no mistake. This one will unleash the savage beast in you. Perfect for beginners in BDSM, vanilla couples can also incorporate this in their foreplay for teasing, flirting, and seduction. Eager to use it soon? Buy now!

Color/Type Brown
Material Bamboo
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.17 inches

Savage Love Wooden Paddle Spanking Tool

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