Sensual Stars Nipple Clamp Chain
Sensual Stars Nipple Clamp Chain
Sensual Stars Nipple Clamp Chain

Do you ever feel like your BDSM sessions have lost their shine? It's not in the activities you do, but in the accessories you use—and frankly, your collection is a bit dull. It's time to throw in some glimmer to your dark dungeon to brighten up your sexual fantasies. The Sensual Stars clamp Chain will help you with that!

These stunning clamps are made of high-quality steel and are therefore non-tarnishing and stainless. The design is unique as they do not look like clothespins or tweezers—instead, this product includes a pair of hollow star-shaped metals and five screws that go through each point. Despite the intricate design, these clamps are very easy to use. Place them carefully on your partner's breasts, positioning her nipples at the center of the star. Then, insert the screws and turn them slowly until you reach the intensity that feels most pleasurable to your Sub. You can clip the detachable silver chain that comes with the set or attach an additional accessory to add weight if you have one. Doing so will create a tugging sensation that will make your bondage plays steamier. But the real action starts when you remove these naughty pinchers from her teats.

Once you feel that your Sub is already dying with anticipation for your next move, carefully loosen the screws, bring out your strongest nipple suckers, and watch your partner reach her orgasm—no penetration needed!

This sex device requires very minimal maintenance, as they are made of durable material. You can easily sanitize it by soaking it in warm, soapy water. Make sure you allow it to dry completely before you keep it in your storage.

Bring the starry night to your partner's bosom and watch her face glow orgasm after orgasm. Buy the Sensual Stars clamp Chain today!

Color Clamps : Silver
Power Host: Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length: Total Length - 12.99 inches (33 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Weight: N/A

Sensual Stars Nipple Clamp Chain

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