Cowgirl's Sex Machine Chair
Cowgirl's Sex Machine Chair
Cowgirl's Sex Machine Chair
Cowgirl's Sex Machine Chair

Do women love to be on top during sex? You bet! It's the position that makes them feel sexier and in the moment. Because who wouldn't feel that way when you are in control of everything? The experience is and will always be mind-blowing!

However, your situation seems to be the other way around. You got yourself a dominant partner in bed who only cares about his sexual gratification. It's exasperating!

But note that there is a chance you can ride straight to the Wild, Wild, West and take charge of your humping sesh. Good thing the Cowgirl's Sex Machine Chair is here, ready to give you the wildest ride of your life!

With you on top of a realistic dildo, you can do a lot of things. And grinding your clit on its veiny shaft is one of those. You can try that first, then move to the next level by exploring your elusive G-spot. Move up and down until you titillate the right spot. All these are possible with this thrill-seeking and versatile sex chair.

But if you want to experience getting pumped while on top, you can turn on the machine that comes with this piece of furniture. Yes, you can just sit on the dildo and feel its thrusts inside your pussy.

More so, you can even attach different types or sizes of dildo to this sex machine. Doing that will help you explore more about your sexual desires. Make your wish come true when you place animalistic or BBC-inspired dildos to juice your coochie to a pulp. Just make sure their base has a suction cup so that they can be attached to the connection socket.

This chair is made of metal frames and a faux leather cover. It's easy to clean and maintain. Wipe off its surfaces before and after use for a hygienic solo sesh.

Come on; add this versatile sex machine to your cart today!

Color Black
Material Frame: Metal
Cover: Faux Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Cowgirl's Sex Machine Chair

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