Tough Sex Machine for Men
Tough Sex Machine for Men
Tough Sex Machine for Men
Tough Sex Machine for Men

It's fun to have a gun. But if you can't unload your weapon regularly, you get cranky and moody. Make every day a great day with the Tough Sex Machine for Men. It's a fuck buddy that will make masturbation relaxing and stress-free!

Women can be so demanding even when you're in bed. They will tell you how to thrust and how deep you should go in. And while you give your best performance, they still want you to multi-task. They want to be kissed on the lips, and, at the same time, they need your hands caressing their body and your cock moving in and out of their pussy. Instead of feeling relaxed, you feel pressured. You no longer enjoy partnered sex, prompting you to avoid an intimate time with your SO. However, the urge to release is so strong that you need to jerk off. But your hands can only do so much, and stroking your meat at the end of the day is tiring. Hence, the constant debate inside you: to masturbate or not to masturbate?

Say YES! to this masturbator because it will make your sex life more enjoyable and relaxing. The machine features a pocket pussy in a cup. Instead of holding the cup and manually stroking it, this machine will take care of the job. All you have to do is adjust the angle of the device so you can be in the most relaxing position. And when you need some filling up in your ass, you can change the attachment and use the penis-shaped dildo.

The machine comes with a cable and remote control. With two readily available options, you can command your device with confidence. The heavy-duty sex instrument can handle mega-size attachments to make sure you have the best self-loving experience. Complete with all the necessary parts, you won't have to distress yourself that something will go wrong. The turbo gear motor will ensure a steady stream of pleasure.

With this sex machine, you'll have fun releasing your jizz day after day. Buy now!

Color Silver with Black (Machine)
Flesh (Dildo)
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 21.65 inches (55 cm)
Height: 7.28 inches (18.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 8.46 inches (21.5 cm)

Tough Sex Machine for Men

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