Secret Sex Toy Jewelry
Secret Sex Toy Jewelry
Secret Sex Toy Jewelry
Secret Sex Toy Jewelry
Secret Sex Toy Jewelry

Your lover likes to play games. She has a knack for doing the deed anywhere and anytime she wants! As a willing Slave, you like to be ready for her plans. That is why you need to grab an on-the-go sex toy that will elevate your experience wherever and whenever you both want.

The Secret Sex Toy Jewelry is as discreet as it gets. You have a stunning metal chain that houses one of the most elusive vibrating tools. The 25.12 inches string is complete with a hook and clasp for proper fitting. Also, this necklace set is made of metal, so you can be sure of its durability. A subtle item of sensual gratification, the bullet-shaped decor attached to the metal chain can be unhooked and used as a vibrator. Yes, that is right, all you have to do is release the pendant from the back cover, and voila, you have your new sex toy.

This item has a medium and large variant, so you can choose what to get depending on your preference. The medium vibrator has a 2.76 inches vibrator locket, while the large has 2.95 inches.

You can never play hooky without a controller, so a pink, handy controller is added to this set.

This fabulous jewelry will surely look pretty when worn. The subtle tease to your partner will add to the allure! When worn on casual days or during your grand dates, this jewelry will surely bring oomph on occasions.

Giving proper maintenance will render this striking necklace ready for prolonged use. You can do so by avoiding contact with moisture and severe heat. Also, you can wrap this in a velvet container for storage. This way, you can avoid scratching the smooth surface.

A good girl in the streets, but a horny girl in the sheets. All eyes will be on your partner with this remarkable piece! Make it worth their while.

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length: Necklace: 25.12 inches (638mm)
M- Pendant: 2.76 inches (70mm) Tip: 0.90 inch (23mm)
L- Pendant: 2.95 inches (75mm) Tip: 0.98 inch (25mm)
Controller: 4.05 inches (103mm)
Width/Diameter: Pendant:0.43 inch (11mm) Tip: 0.35 inch (9mm)
Controller: 1.50 inches (38mm)

Secret Sex Toy Jewelry

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