Submissive Women's Sexual Jewelry Necklace
Submissive Women's Sexual Jewelry Necklace

Do you know what the problem in your previous relationship was? Your kinks do not meet and match. He is the conventional one, and you are... the promiscuous, free-spirited one. You like getting chained and blindfolded while he wants occasional vanilla sex. No one wanted to adjust, and so you both decided to have everything ended.

Now that you are single, you can get a man to fulfill your needs and wants, at last! To start with the hunt, get a charm that will ease your search, like this Submissive Women’s Sexual Jewelry Necklace. It will magically seduce men into having BDSM sessions with you!

This charmer has a pendant that has a blindfolded woman figure on it, suggesting what you exactly want—to be restrained and be deprived of senses by your man. It is made of highly polished 925 sterling silver, the very reason why it is glossy, that you can see yourself on its surface. It measures 1.36 by 0.83 inches, so be prepared for the attention you can get as you wear it. The 0.14-inch-diameter chain that comes with it, on the other hand, estimates two feet. It is made of stainless steel and slotted through a bail that measures 0.33 x 0.18 inches.

Flaunt it with your plunging neckline dresses or shirts to highlight its magnificence. Wear it at men-studded parties to be noticed more by your prospects. You can also show it off casually during ordinary days and strut down the streets to get attention.

There might come a time that the pendant might get stained by your salty sweat, but do not worry about it. You can seek help from a professional jeweler to clean it for you, and he can surely bring back its brilliance!

Prepare for some pussy destruction as men approach you to have a wild night with you once you wear the Submissive Women’s Sexual Jewelry Necklace! Get this now!

Color Silver
Material 925 Silver
Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Pendant: 1.36 inches (34.5 mm)
Chain: Approx. 24 inches
Pendant: 0.83 inch (21 mm)
Chain: 0.14 inch
Bail: 0.33 9 x 0.18 inch (8.5 mm x 4.5 mm)

Submissive Women's Sexual Jewelry Necklace

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