Fetish Sexy Anklets
Fetish Sexy Anklets
Fetish Sexy Anklets

She has flawless, pretty feet, and you can't help but adore them. Whenever you see them, your libido rises, and you have this unexplainable urge to gratify your sexual longing. Oh, her feet are enthralling! You could cum just by touching them. Could it be that you fetishize your lady's feet? If you love to kiss and lick her soles and suck her toes, then you are!

Worship her delicate-looking tootsies with pinkish soles and toes. Gift her with the Fetish Sexy Anklets to make them look more alluring. Splendidly crafted, the pair of anklets feature intricate chains composed of flower-inspired links. They come with coin tassels that will gracefully swing as she walks or runs.

The ankle ornament comes with a toe ring, which is connected via the chain. The bracelet has additional links for adjustability. Your sweetheart will find it easy to wear. First, she has to put the ring on her long toe, then wrap the anklet around her ankle. The best fit should feel snug, not too tight. Take It has a lobster clasp lock to keep it secure in place.

The stunning pair will transform her feet into a goddess', making them worthy of your adoration and worship. Made of high-quality metal alloy, they will last, provided they're given some TLC. It's best if she takes them off when she goes swimming or takes a shower or bath. It's also important not to expose them for prolonged periods. Should they need cleaning because of accumulated dirt, a soft-bristled toothbrush, mild soap, and warm water will help. But these ankle chains should not be soaked in water, or they will lose their luster.

Great for lingerie night and intimate moments, these feet adornment can be flaunted at beach weddings and other occasions where her feet are bare. Give her feet the special treatment they deserve. Buy now!

Color Silver, Gold
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Anklet: 8.66 + 2.75 inches
Connecting Chain to ring: 7.08 inches
Width/Diameter: NA

Fetish Sexy Anklets

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