Fetish Sexy Body Jewelry Waist Chain
Fetish Sexy Body Jewelry Waist Chain
Fetish Sexy Body Jewelry Waist Chain
Fetish Sexy Body Jewelry Waist Chain

They say the sexiest YOU is when you are naked. Sometimes, though, stripping all the way all the time makes your partner lose his interest as he gets so used to seeing it. Aim for that nakedness that teases and seduces. You need the Fetish Sexy Body Jewelry Waist Chain.

A touchable body accessory, this piece will showcase your supple, slender waist. It will also draw your lover’s attention to your most precious jewel, the center of his pleasure. To be placed above your hips is a chunky curb chain from which drapes and charms are attached. In the center is a hypnotizing ornament that will sway when you shake your booty.

Mesmerizing, alluring, and luscious, this waist jewelry will transform you into an enchantress. He won’t be able to take his gaze away from you.

It’s either in gold or silver finish, and the metal is zinc alloy, an affordable metal for jewelry making. It’s gaining popularity because it’s skin-friendly to most people. It’s rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, so rest assured this waist adornment will last.

If you treat it just like any of your expensive jewels, you can prolong its luster. Where you store it is a factor. Make sure it’s shaded and without moisture. Whatever you do, don’t soak it in water, so don’t go swimming with it on even if it looks sexy with your two-piece bikini.

Adorn your waist during beach parties with this to stand out and turn heads, or wear it over a club-rave outfit. Seize every occasion where you can garb yourself with this stunning piece. It is also perfect for role play or lingerie night with your babe, so you either put on your sexiest lingerie or be in your birthday suit! How does that sound to you? If you love it, buy it now!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Fetish Sexy Body Jewelry Waist Chain

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