Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones
Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones
Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones
Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones
Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones

Wearing jewelry has evolved through the years. What used to be a symbol of money and societal standards are now used to make a statement. Kings and Queens have displayed their collection of rare gems to establish rapport with other countries. Some BDSM jewelry also marks the relationship between Dom and Sub.

You have to be ready for the attention you will garner when you wear attractive jewelry like the Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones. This zinc alloy jewelry is a durable piece that can be worn for an extended period given proper care. Moreover, this necklace is a choker and will make the wearer's neck look extra sultry. The exquisite five-string jewelry has an adjustable 60 cm length and can be extended up to 16 cm. The safety latch has multiple fastener slots to give leeway to your preferred length. Also, these chains are connected by a rod at both sides of the choker for better stability.

Moreover, the visible letters that form the word 'sexy' are a true show stopper. It is engraved with sparkling rhinestones that give it a better appearance. Each letter is written in big letters and then attached securely to the strings. This item stands out when worn alone or with other accessories.

With a piece of jewelry like this one, you need to clean it regularly. Dust and other undesirable particles may lodge on the crevices, so regular maintenance is required. Avoid vigorous brushing as this may cause abrasion on the surface of the ornament. Instead, you can carefully wipe this with a clean cloth and store it in proper storage.

How else would you want to be branded? A piece of sparkling jewel like this one will elevate your wardrobe and still be a part of your bondage practice. Make sure you make that purchase today!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 23.6 inches + 6.3 inches (60cm + 16cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.57 inches (4cm)

Bold Sexy Necklace With Rhinestones

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