Submissive Word Charm Sexy Necklaces
Submissive Word Charm Sexy Necklaces
Submissive Word Charm Sexy Necklaces
Submissive Word Charm Sexy Necklaces

You have already put a chain necklace on your submissive. You even bought a padlock and hid the key so that she’d stop removing it when you’re not around with her. Although this trick works well like magic, this neck chain is pretty hard to match with some outfits she likes to wear. And so one day, she begged of you to just find another piece that would mark her as your ownership.

Introduce your bottom to the world with these Submissive Word Charm Sexy Necklaces. Let them know that she’s your babe or slut, or that she’s one nasty or sexy submissive wherever she’s at. Just like the lovely lady from this porn video. Show them what you really got!

These necklaces offer versatility, unlike the chunky chain and bold padlock you first gave your partner. They come in different word charms that will best describe your bottom. Each piece is easy to don with casual or even party dresses. From the lace to the letter pendants, their shine is impeccable like no other.

Rhinestone ropes are the based material of these products. They shine bright like genuine crystals, especially under the light. With that, you can expect everyone to read your submissive’s tag.

All these necklaces are lightweight enough, so your partner won’t have an excuse not to wear her badge. It is designed with adjustability and durability features, making them suitable for most enthusiasts. They also have impressive heirloom quality that you can trust. As for skin-friendliness, you don’t have to worry. These pieces boast hypoallergenic surfaces that are perfect even for submissives with sensitive skin.

Make sure that you maintain the pristine appearance of these items. Gently wipe off the rhinestones after every use. You can use q-tips or cotton balls to do so. Keep them dry all the time and store them at room temperature.

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Color Silver, Clear
Material Rhinestones
Dimension Length: 12.6 + 9.84 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Submissive Word Charm Sexy Necklaces

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