Bewitching Rays Shield Nipple Rings

Having your nipples pierced was one of the best decisions you have made. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they also make you extra horny every time your lover touches you over there. Now that you have enjoyed accessorizing your melons, you are looking to upgrade your experience.

Looking for the perfect pair, you have to get something that's body-safe and won't hurt your wallet. The Bewitching Rays Shield Nipple Rings are excellent adornments for you. You will enjoy the beauty of these trinkets while also relishing more sensitive nipples.

The stainless steel pair has the smoothness to penetrate the pierced teats without any hassle. Also, this material is body-safe for you to enjoy wearing for extended periods without harsh skin reactions.

These are no ordinary nipple ornaments. Their design will enclose your areolas and provide pressure in all the right places, making them extra sensitive to your lover's touches. Each ring has a sunflower pattern that will decorate your breast like the luscious chunks they are supposed to be.

Make sure you disinfect the area before wearing them. Wash your nipples with soap and water, then wipe them with a clean cloth. Then, remove the balls before sliding the rod to the pierced area. Position the shield on your nipples before locking the poles in place.

Enjoy these pieces worn under tight clothes. Everyone will notice your perky assets, even underneath your clothes. In bed, your partner's lightest touch to your teats can take you to another level of euphoria.

When you want to remove these pieces, place them in a pouch or any container to protect them from dust and moist. Avoid extreme heat and moisture because these elements will ruin the quality of these tit adornments.

Move forward with your nipple journey with exciting jewelry pieces like the Bewitching Rays Shield Nipple Rings. Hurry and buy yours today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Barbell: 1.02 inches
Nipple Shield Width: 1.02 inches
Ball Diameter: 0.20 inch
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Nipple Rings

Bewitching Rays Shield Nipple Rings

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  • $26.99

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