Mystic Girl Slave Ring Jewelry
Mystic Girl Slave Ring Jewelry

In the past, you have been into simpler outfits and minimalist things. You have never been the one who likes to catch attention. Being on the sidelines and doing things on your own has always been your style.

But, as you are now discovering yourself and your sexuality, you have this persistent need to spread your wings and get everyone's attention. Being with your new Master has given you the chance to explore the bondage lifestyle. It gave you this immense sense of freedom to be yourself.

Celebrate your newfound spontaneity with the Mystic Girl Slave Ring Jewelry. This is a discreet accessory that will not only commemorate your fresh zest for life and kinky play but will also be an impeccable creation you can wear.

This metal jump ring has a simplistic design and structure. One loop features diamond zirconia stones connected in a metal frame. Also, zirconia is a magnificent gem that looks like authentic diamonds without the hefty pricing.

Moreover, there is a silver chain that connects these two rings. The other band has a crucifix pattern with an uncomplicated exterior. The distinct contrast between these two pieces is what makes it attractive.

Rings like these are best worn alone. But who's to stop you from taking out your other pieces and vamping them up with your styling. Worn with low-key clothing or maybe a Diva moment for a party, this ring has that kind of versatility.

This item needs minimal upkeep for it to keep its shine. Don't forget to wipe this with a dry cloth after every use. These kinds of jewelry do not like moisture or extreme heat. That's why you have to keep it in a box.

Life is short to be plain and silent all your life. Keep your haters on their toes, and show them the real you. Start with this charming ring today!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length: Chain- 1.57 inches (4cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.07 inch (1.8mm)

Mystic Girl Slave Ring Jewelry

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