Be Mine Small Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Congratulations! You've finally found the one. This girl is your perfect match. She has the same interest as yours, and she understands you completely and doesn't judge you. She loves you for who you are.

That's not all; your sexuality clicks, too! She's as kinky as you and is up for all kinds of roleplaying games. She's even willing to make out with you, even in public places! In other words, she can keep up with your wild side, no matter how frenzy you get.

And so, you've decided to propose to your soon-to-be fianceé. You've already planned out how you're going to do that. But one thing is still missing: the jewelry! Yes, you could give her an engagement ring. But knowing her, she would want to have a unique piece of engagement jewelry. Something that still looks elegant but different.

Lucky for you, this Be Mine Nipple Piercing Jewelry could be the one you've been looking for. It looks graceful, just like any other engagement ring. Yet, it's different since it isn't worn around her finger but pierced through her nip instead. What a kinky and fun way to ask her to be yours forever!

This dainty accessory features a smooth and sleek gold-plated loop and a heart-shaped crystal at the center. The glossy circle is the one that goes into the pierced nipple. Once it sits inside the nip, it keeps the ornament in place, even if it goes around in circles. Meanwhile, the heart-shaped crystal charm makes her tit more captivating and more seductive. With this combo, you'll get the sweetest "YES!" from your lover.

Your babe isn't a regular girl; she's one of a kind! So she deserves a wedding proposal and engagement accessory like no other. Get this Be Mine Small Nipple Piercing Jewelry, and she will be yours for eternity!

Color Ring: Gold
Charm: White
Material Ring: Stainless Steel
Charm: Crystal
Dimension Ring’s Diameter: 0.55 inch
Charm’s Width: 0.27 inch
Gauge Size 16G: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 X Captive Bead Ring

Be Mine Small Nipple Piercing Jewelry

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