Hypnotizing Snake Nipple Rings
Hypnotizing Snake Nipple Rings
Hypnotizing Snake Nipple Rings
Hypnotizing Snake Nipple Rings

There are many ways to make your partner do whatever you want. You can use your charm and flicker your eyes while you ask for a favor. You can also enter the world of BDSM and partake in the role of a dominant lover.

Sometimes, however, these things don't work as you plan. If you always use your tantalizing eyes to magnetize your partner, chances are, he will be stern with his decision and not give you what you want. The same thing goes for D/s relationships. There are times when your man slave won't follow your orders no matter how intense his punishments are.

If that's the case, use your body to lure your honey and make him beg. But which body part, you may ask? Your boobs, of course! But don't just wiggle and jiggle them in front of him. Accessorize your twins with the Hypnotizing Snake rings! Once they're on your titties, they'll make him say, "Yes, Ma'am!" to all your commands.

These nipple accessories feature straight nipple bars with beads on their ends. The rod is what goes through your nip. It ensures that the piercing will stay in place, no matter what you're doing. Meanwhile, one of the balls is detachable for easy wear and removal.

The barbells are enough to adorn your nips, but the nipple shields, which look like snakes that wrap around your areolas, will lure him more. When your partner sees them on your nips, he'll be hypnotized as if a seductress enchants him. He'll be under your spell, and he'll do whatever it takes just to touch your pierced boobs. Seduce your loverboy using your adorned titties!

You'll never fail to charm your partner with your lovely tits with the Hypnotizing Snake rings! Hurry and grab yours today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 X Nipple Shields

Hypnotizing Snake Nipple Rings

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  • $15.99

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