Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings
Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings
Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings
Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings
Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings
Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings

They say men’s knees go weak when they see boobies, but they can’t stop their willy from going hard. However, your man isn’t that easy to arouse even when you jiggle your melons.

Tired of trying to undress as seductively as you can? Don’t give up! Level up your seduction game with the Heart-Inspired Sparkly rings! These dazzling nipple ornaments will turn you into an enchantress! Not only will his heartbeat skip, but also his blood will rush to his peen, making it eager for action.

Getting your nipples pierced will make you feel more confident. It’s also empowering as you get to own your body and express your femininity. These lustrous heart-inspired pieces have charming details. At the top of the heart is an infinity symbol, representing your eternal devotion to your partner. Both rings are embellished with brilliant cubic zirconia, and these sparkling crystals come in stunning colors—purple, clear, blue, and pink. The rings are available in gold and silver polish.

These intimate accessories feature barbells that are inserted through the nipples. But there’s nothing to worry about when these bars are lodged through your tits. They’re 14G in diameter, which is the recommended size for nipple piercing.

These elegant pieces are crafted from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. It’s a type of metal typically used as an implant because it’s durable and corrosion-resistant. It’s also a non-tarnishing metal, making it a perfect jewelry material. What’s more, it doesn’t require regular cleaning.

Have these radiant rings inserted into your chest raisins by a professional piercer. An inexperienced one could potentially damage the nerves in your tits. You will no longer feel any sensations in your nipples when that happens. A reputable piercer knows where to stick their needles, so do yourself a favor by looking for one.

Sizzle with these tit jewel pieces soon. Grab a pair now!!

Color Purple, Blue, Silver, Gold, Pink
Material Hardware: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel
Jewel: Cubic Zirconia
Dimension Length: Bar: 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Width/Diameter: Bar: 0.063 inch (1.6 mm/14G)
Beads: 0.20 inch(5 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces rings

Heart-Inspired Sparkly Nipple Rings

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