Studded S&M Bare Ass Paddle
Studded S&M Bare Ass Paddle

It has 23 buttons snapped on one side, 10 of which form the letter S, and the other 13 assemble in an M figure. Perhaps you know what it already means? If not, it represents the ideas of BDSM—Sadism and Masochism. If you're into this kind of play that involves spanking, then this Studded S&M Bare Ass Paddle is the best tool for your kinky sex.

It is a paddle made of premium PU leather. Its material is non-porous, hindering the air from passing through it. So what? Well, physically, it will resist more force as it lashes through the air, increasing its impact as it lands on a surface. Thus, allowing more severe damage to where it hits.

But it's not just the reason why this tool is tormenting in nature. See those buttons that make the letters S and M? They are not merely for designs at all. They aggravate the punishment as they are made of metals. So imagine the impact of metal hitting your skin; it's like a bullet shot against it. Don't worry about its risk. These metal fasteners are round in shape anyway; they won't pierce through at all! However, you may want to discuss the limits of your play still. Using this racket-like torture device may leave marks on the slave or submissive, even bruises when hit severely. Assign safewords that will trigger the dominant to stop or be gentler with the punishments. It will keep the play fun, safe, and sane!

Do you have ideas on how to use it effectively? Match it with other sex accessories such as blindfolds and cuffs. Sensory deprivation plays will be much more adventurous with this tool. Consider executing pet plays, too, where one will pretend to be someone else's possession.

There are lots of ways you can enjoy this. Find them out by getting this Studded S&M Bare Ass Paddle now!

Color/Type Black + Silver
Material PU Leather + Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Studded S&M Bare Ass Paddle

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