Hotter Than the Sun Nipple Rings

You are in your prime. You are clean and fit, your skin radiates, and you are in your sound mind. Everything about you, including your spirit, is positive. You are at your finest.

Not to burst your bubble, but you know all this perkiness you enjoy at the moment is not going to last. Eventually, gravity will do its thing, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So why not enjoy your irresistible beauty while you can? Here’s a good idea, get a ring that celebrates your best boob years! You don’t have to search far and wide for the perfect pair because the Hotter Than the Sun ring is here.

This teat trinket is made of 316L surgical steel; thus, it is safe for body use. This material is commonly used in the jewelry-making industry because it is affordable, rustproof, and low maintenance. This accessory has two parts: a barbell-style ring and a nipple shield.

The barbell ring has a gauge of 14G, a standard measurement for nipple and navel piercing. Knowing the suitable gauge for a specific body part will lessen the risk of piercing migration and rejection. With this accessory, such an ugly experience is improbable.

Its nipple shield, on the other hand, looks like the sun. This silver ornament has curvy rays surrounding the hoop. The ring bar goes through the shield, which is secured in place by screwing the two balls on its ends. This setup upgrades the usual barbell ring and makes your titties look more radiant and glowing than they already are.

Nothing is more fitting than wearing a bling that embodies your hotness. With the Hotter Than the Sun ring, your lover will spend a long time playing with your boobies. So don’t think twice, because this deal is as good as it gets. Buy this today!

Color Bar: Silver
Material 316L Medical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.71 inch (18 mm)
Pin: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Ball: 0.20 inch (5 mm)
Nipple Shield: 0.39 inch (10 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair rings

Hotter Than the Sun Nipple Rings

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