Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook
Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook
Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook
Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook
Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook

Tops are naturally inconsiderate to their bottoms. Once they insert their cocks inside your ass, they don't care anymore whether you still get the pleasure or not. All that's important to them is they stroke their penis and release their cum inside you. Such dicks!

If you want to have a good time in your anal plays, get a tool that will hit your P-spot—something that will massage it such that you can reach your climax hands-free. Take this Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook and stuff it in your ass. Experience ecstasy as it pokes your prostate inside!

This sex toy uses stainless steel, making it safe to use inside your backdoor. Trust that your anal walls and sphincter won't have any scratch as you put it in as it has a polished-to-perfection smoothness. Its shank measures nearly nine inches long, ergonomic enough to serve as a handle to the hook's bend. It has a thickness of almost half an inch, so it's not overwhelming to stuff inside your ass. It has a ring at the tip of its shank that measures 0.47 by 1.42 inches, which you can use to attach a rope if you feel like spicing up your anal play.

If you're new to using this tool, fret not as it is easy to install. Make sure to smother the hook's point and bend with water-based lubricant. Apply some on the brim of your sphincter, too, for a more seamless insertion. Then, from the back, insert the point, slowly and gently, until you reach the vertex of the J-shaped bend. You can twist it inside and recline it as if you were holding a joystick. Feel its point touching your prostate gland, tickling and stimulating it until you cum without even touching your cock!

Always after use, clean it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. If you have time, you can sterilize it by boiling it for a few minutes to eliminate the bacteria that might have lingered on it. Dry it, then place it in a moist-free environment.

You can now stir yourself without the help of another man. Thanks to the Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook for making this possible! Get yours now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Shank: 8.98 inches (228 mm)
Ring: 0.47 x 1.42 inches (12 x 36 mm)
Thickness: 0.47 inch (12 mm)

Super Thick Stainless Gay Anal Hook

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