Bondage-Inspired Surgical Steel Nipple Jewelry
Bondage-Inspired Surgical Steel Nipple Jewelry

Celebrate your BDSM relationship by getting jewelry pieces that match your lifestyle. It will undoubtedly be cliché to give her a fancy diamond ring or necklace. Not that she’s not as precious as these things are, but because what you have is something unique. It is something that only you two understand. And today, you are in sheer luck to find the Bondage-Inspired Surgical Steel jewelry.

The cuff embellishments hanging on the barbell make the set a thematic BDSM accessory. The bars have externally threaded screws, allowing you to take them off and wear them back on with ease. On the other hand, the chains put the cuffs in balance so as not to strain the tits too much.

Not sure of the base material used in the production of these pieces? Fret not! With 316L stainless steel, you can rest assured of getting a piece of jewelry suitable for your partner’s boobies. It is safe and reliable. It is the same material used in making cutlery and surgical tools, proving its biocompatible nature. Is the set worth it? Of course, it is! Each item passed quality standard tests, allowing you and your partner to make the most of them. They're sturdy and corrosion-resistant, so she can use them for as long as you want.

Make your partner go braless and wear these cuffs on her tits underneath a sheer, white top. With such beauty and a kinky stance, many men would definitely try their best to swoon her.

Maintain the quality of these rings by washing them with water and mild soap. Keep them dry before putting them away when not in use.

Now that you have the best gift idea in mind, all you have to do is make it work. What are you still waiting for? Add this product to your cart today and check out!

Color Silver
Material 316 L Surgical Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar: 0.55 inches
Gauge: 0.06 inch
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of rings

Bondage-Inspired Surgical Steel Nipple Jewelry

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