Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle
Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle
Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle
Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle

It's as if your slave doesn't get the pain she deserves. She has no more reaction to your every beat using your old floggers. One time, she even rolled her eyes when you hit her with your spanking tool. With that facial gesture, you knew there was something wrong with the tools you had been using.

To prevent seeing that disappointing reaction and to re-gain your dominance back over your submissive lover, try using a more effective tool in disciplining her. And when it's a tormenting spanking device is what you are looking for, nothing beats the Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle in doing the job for you.

Made of two-ply high-quality PU leather, this hole-free paddle will have no mercy on your slave's body as it hits her. Its blow is relatively more severe than tailed floggers as it is a solid pad that causes a uniform distribution of impact to the skin. It has a trimmed edge to ensure that the two leather pads won't detach at all, no matter how hard it lands on a surface.

But it's not just its solid form that makes it ruthless. It has 12 spikes on its one side, too, that will seriously damage your submissive sweetheart's body once it touches her. Don't worry about splatting of blood in your play. Each thorn has quite a rounded tip rather than a sharp one. You can be sure that it won't pierce through your lovely woman's skin at all. Lastly, this paddle has a string slotted through its handle, allowing you to hang it when not in use.

This tool may leave marks and bruises on your slave's body, so make sure that you talk about the limits of your BDSM play with your partner. But of course, the gravity of the impact still depends on how much force you apply to your every spank.

Be the sadist that you are with the help of this Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle. Get yours now!

Color/Type Black + Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 11.81 inches (30 cm)
Handle: 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Paddle Width: 5.91 inches (15 cm)

Thorns of Punishment Severe Paddle

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