Torture Rings Nipple Clamp
Torture Rings Nipple Clamp
Torture Rings Nipple Clamp
Torture Rings Nipple Clamp
Torture Rings Nipple Clamp

Your partner’s boobs are one of the most luscious things you’ve ever tasted in your mouth. They’re soft, but they can be firm when given the right stimulation. This irresistible urge of yours to play with them feels like it won’t ever go away. You dig her nips, and you can’t seem to have enough, and she can’t, either.

Good news! The Torture Rings clamp will satiate both of you. For the love of nipples, for sexual arousal, for powerful orgasms, this tit clip won’t let you down. Get a pair for your darling to make her lips part with moans. She’ll surely cry out of sheer delight!

This alligator clip comes with a pin that can be twisted to adjust the intensity of the pinch, making it ideal for newbies. Though it’s made of metal, it won’t be harsh when it bites because it’s cushioned with PVC, so it's smooth to the touch. Dangling from the end of the lever are three interlinked metal hoops of different sizes. These hoops will add spice to your play as you get to tug them to make the pinch more intense. You can even attach a chain to the last loop if you’re in the mood to walk her around the bedroom while you take the lead. These rings will also accommodate other objects that can add weight to pull down her nips. Besides that, you can also use it to clamp her lady bits down there.

Made of high-quality metal, this nip clip will last long because it won’t rust or corrode when stored in a cool, dry place. It’s so easy to clean, too. Wipe it with clean wet wipes, and it’s good to go.

If your partner enjoys it, you will, too. Apply them on your nipples or earlobes and savor the tingling sensations spreading throughout your body. Buy now for more fun soon!

Color Silver and Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA
Weight: NA

Torture Rings Nipple Clamp

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