Realistic Zinc Alloy Vagina Pendant
Realistic Zinc Alloy Vagina Pendant
Realistic Zinc Alloy Vagina Pendant
Realistic Zinc Alloy Vagina Pendant

The belief that a woman is less sexual than a man is so outdated. Nowadays, ladies are more comfortable about showing their sexuality, even in public.

If you love to illustrate being a strong, fully aware woman, then don this Realistic Zinc Alloy Vagina Pendant. This lovely item has the woman's most delicate part carved in an attractive zinc alloy pendant. Zinc alloy is an excellent material that has outstanding durability for an extended period of use. The meticulous design clearly shows the labia, the inner portions, and of course, the famous clitoris. The 1.54-inch pendant looks stunning when worn alone or even paired with other stacking necklaces. The black string that holds this jewel has a length of 15.75 inches with a 1.97-inch extension. This adjustable feature makes sure you get to fit the accessory to your liking. Also, the pendant can be removed from the string and placed on a different accessory like a key holder. The versatility of this jewelry is something you can enjoy. Not only are you getting a unique piece, but you are also buying something you can wear anywhere you like.

Why else will you wear something as bold as a woman's secret center? If you are in a BDSM lifestyle, this is a perfect way for your Master to brand you as his sole property. You know how your Dom gets too jealous when you are out of his sight.

The secret to keeping this in tip-top shape is avoiding moisture or any kind of liquid. That is why it is important to wipe this with a dry cloth regularly. Then, you can store this in a separate container, ready for subsequent use.

A confident accessory can only be worn by an equally powerful woman or man. It's time to spark conversations anywhere you go! Grab this lovely piece today!


Color String: Black
Pendant: Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Necklace:15.75 inches + 1.97 inches (40cm + 5cm)
Pendant: 1.54 inches (3.9cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.98inch (2.5cm)

Realistic Zinc Alloy Vagina Pendant

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