Dracula's Mistress Vampire Fang Nipple Rings

According to Alucard, a novel written by Matthew Scott, the infamous Dracula has three brides – Illyana, Camilla, and Silvia. They reside with him in a castle in Transylvania. Wild and chaotic, they made the Count's centuries of life exciting.

But what if there is something we don't know about this hypnotic bloodsucker? What if he has a mistress he turns to when his three brides become a handful? She's a breath of fresh air in the palace during a chaotic time. She brings peace and makes him feel at ease.

Let your next BDSM play be based on Count Dracula and his mistress. Make it thematic by asking your partner to wear these Dracula's Mistress Vampire Fang rings.

These rings are made of alloy base material. Alloy is famous for its hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant properties, perfect for the delicate tissues of the nipples. Their locking mechanism is sturdy, so you can expect them not to fall off your partner's tits even as you rock her body hardcore. These rings are recommended for intermediate and expert wearers as they are heavy. Given the hanging fang-shaped embellishment, they may not help beginners' healing process since they will put too much strain on the nipples. At the end of the fang, you will find a red crystal resembling a drop of blood. Wait for these add-on details to sway back and forth as she moves around, especially during sex! They will surely awaken your carnal desires even more.

Applying a water-based lube when putting these rings on will make your partner feel at ease. Since the nips are overly sensitive, she should slow down and be careful in doing it. Massaging the tits weeks prior to the switch will also help the tissues to become looser and more flexible.

Her flesh and blood are all yours now, Count Dracula. Everything that happens next will be all up to you. Don't forget to add these rings to your cart today!

Color Black
Material Alloy, Crystal
Dimension Length:
Fangs: 1.5 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of rings

Dracula's Mistress Vampire Fang Nipple Rings

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