Lick Me More Vibrating Tongue Piercing
Lick Me More Vibrating Tongue Piercing
Lick Me More Vibrating Tongue Piercing

You were lying on your sofa, sleeping. You were too tired to change your clothes or even go to bed. But after a few minutes of resting, you felt something wet, squishy, and squiggly on your sex. You wanted to make it stop because you were exhausted.

But then, you felt a vibration on your clit as the naughty tongue licked your pussy lips, and it woke you up and made you moan. Then, it stopped. You begged for more, but when you opened your eyes, you found yourself not in your living room but on the bus. Damn! It was only a dream.

Don't worry; you can turn it into reality. All you need is this Lick Me More Vibrating Tongue Piercing. It will take your oral sex up a notch; you'll surely beg for more!

This flirting device looks like a ring, but it's not worn around the finger as it's sported in the mouth, particularly the tongue. And instead of diamonds and gems, this one is accented with a barrel, the source of mind-blowing vibrations. Once it touches your clit, you'll feel a rush of throbbing joy on your love button, leading to toe-curling explosions.

But this isn't the only part that this joy toy can tease. It can also take your kisses to the next level. Feel the waves of pleasure as your partner pushes his tongue into your mouth or nibbles or sucks your nipples. Now that's one orgasmic way to power up your foreplay!

This orgasm-inducing flirting jewelry is made of 316L stainless steel; hence, rest assured that it's gentle on the skin. It also comes with an AG3/392A button battery, so you can enjoy using it once you have it. Just pop the battery into the barrel, and it's ready for action!

Live out your liquid fantasies with this Lick Me More Vibrating Tongue Piercing. You can choose between gold, silver, and rainbow colors. Pick the one you like and add it to your cart!

Color Gold, Silver, Rainbow
Material 316L stainless steel
Dimension Length: 0.83 inch
Barrel - 0.08 inch
Ring (Inner Diameter) - 0.59 inch
Thickness: 0.35 inch
Package Inclusion 1 x AG3/392A Button Battery

Lick Me More Vibrating Tongue Piercing

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